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Mocks as a cup cakes.

Back in the days of launching Mocks, we had to make a real impact in the world of fashion buying. How could cup cakes help? There was a lot of other 'noise' out there and we were arm wrestling with other brands to be heard, seen and ultimately, bought. We had all sorts of creative ideas as to how we could make ourselves bigger than we looked (in those days we were small but with big ambitions)

In our collective heads we figured out that there was always a quick way to people's consciousness, and that's through food. There's only a few things better than getting someone's eye fixated on something delicious, and some of the other ways are saucy!

Cupcakes and a Mock as a cake. That's the what we settled on and had made for us by a lovely friend who was more of a cake artist than we were. Well, we could have made them but they wouldn't have tasted any good!

icing mocks shoes on green grass cupcakes a giant mock shoe on green grass

We presented these Mocks cakes to a buying department that will remain nameless. Needless to say, after waiting in the reception for a few hours to get the appointment, when we did get into the office, these bad boys were the hit of the year. We signed to sell shoes as they placed an order and the rest is all Mocks history and engraved into stone as Mocks legend.

If you're out there looking for a way forward, for anything, not just in fashion, think laterally and check that the idea will work. Sometime you need to be a bit crazy, but not bunny boiler crazy, as a shift too ar in one direction can tip things over the edge. Get creative and don't take no for an answer.

icing mocks shoes on green grass cupcakes

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