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Mocks on safari adventure!

Here at Mocks, we love a good adventure.  And they don't come much better than going on safari!

So a few of us at Mocks HQ took the chance to prolong the summer with a trip to Zimbabwe.  As well as heading to the capital Harare and second city Bulawayo to experience some of the amazing music and culture coming out of Zimbabwe, we made a stop off to meet some of the more furry locals.

Antelope Safari Park stretches to over 3000 acres of savannah grass lands, but with only limited time, we had to prioritise what we wanted to see.  Mocks team member Lucy wasn't going to leave without visiting the lion cubs - adopted by the keepers, and rehabilitated to go back into the wild once they're a bit older, these cubs are just four months old.  And don't they look SWEET. Those eyes can't fail to melt any heart...



Another animal we just had to see was an elephant, and we were lucky enough to catch the herd as they relaxed and played in the lake.  All of these elephants were orphans, and came to the park in the 1990s following a severe drought in the wild.  Even from a distance, it was amazing to see such majestic animals so totally at ease in their surroundings.


On our lunch break, we spotted a cheeky little fellow watching us from above.  This monkey never came too close - obviously still a bit unsure of us - but it was a great reminder that we were very much guests in the animal's habitats.


To cap off our adventure, we went on a safari drive around the park site, coming face to face with giraffe, wildebeest, gazelle, caribou, mongoose and zebra.  It was a truly magical experience to see all of these animals roaming about in the wild.  Nothing prepares you for being so close to some of the most iconic creatures on the planet.


As we headed on to the next leg of our trip, we reflected on a wonderful experience that we'd never forget.  So why don't you step into the unknown, and have your own adventure? Here at Mocks, we'd love to hear what you guys are getting up to - post on our Facebook wall with your photos and stories to make us jealous!

Oh, and when you go off on your adventure, remember to always stop at a zebra crossing!